Best Areas to Invest in Winston-Salem

Looking at the latest real estate market trends in Winston-Salem, 2021 should be a great year for investors!

Winston-Salem is located in the heart of Piedmont Triad region in Forsyth County. It is home to nearly a quarter million residents. Industry sectors include manufacturing, textiles, agriculture, nanotech and biotech.

The Winston-Salem rental property market is becoming attractive for multiple reasons. For example, there is strong rental demand from tenants, the job market looks promising, the population is growing, and the economy is pretty dynamic.

There are also many areas in Winston-Salem that would prove promising for a real estate investment.

So, in this article, we will go over why you should invest in this city, as well as list our top 5 neighborhoods to invest in!

What Makes Winston-Salem, NC Attractive for Real Estate Investors?

As a real estate investor, there are many reasons to invest in Winston-Salem. Here are our top 8 reasons.

1. Tax Laws are Favorable

On average, North Carolina taxes are comparatively low compared to other states. The property tax is below that of the national average, at a rate of 0.81% of the property's value. There is a low of 2.5% corporate income tax. Sales taxes are in line with the national average.

2. North Carolina is Landlord-Friendly

This is definitely good news for landlords! The maximum security deposit, for example, is equivalent to twice the monthly rent. However, most other states limit the maximum security deposit amount to a month's rent.

In addition, evictions laws are also pretty straightforward and an eviction typically takes an average of 35 days.

3. The Economy is Strong

This is another reason why serious real estate investors should consider investing in Winston-Salem real estate. Even with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy is still registering a positive growth.

strong economy winston salem

4. There is a Large Student Market

The city is home to many educational institutions, including the Winston-Salem State University. Alone, the state university is home to a staggering 5,000 students.

Another University is Wake Forest, which is home to over 7,000 students and almost 1,000 staff members.

This large population of students and staff ensures a consistent demand of rental properties in the area.

5. Winston-Salem is a Top Spot for Retirees

Just last year, the city was ranked among the best places for retirees by Forbes Magazine. Retirees love the city for its comparatively cheaper housing, temperate weather, and overall quality of life.

6. The City's Downtown is Expected to Continue Growing

While the downtown area of the city is pedestrian and bicycle friendly, it also has great public transit systems compared to most cities.

There are also many educational institutions downtown, increasing the student population. In addition, many millennials seek housing in this area.

So, overall, you can expect long-term population growth in the city's metro area.

7. Real Estate is Appreciating in Value

In 2019, the city's housing market saw up to 9% in real estate growth. Also, the city's housing market is relatively affordable. If you are unable to afford buying a property in one of the hotter markets, Winston-Salem real estate is a good option to consider.

The average home goes for around $160,000, which is roughly $60,000 less than the national average.


8. The Population is Expected to Continue Growing

The steady population growth is another factor that makes Winston-Salem real estate attractive to potential investors. Although smaller than Durham and Charlotte, the Winston-Salem metro area continues to register about 1% annual growth.

Best Areas to Invest in Winston-Salem, NC

Location, location, location is every real estate agent's mantra – and for good reason. The location of your income property is very important. You want to own a rental that is close to scenic views and green space, as well as various amenities.

The following are top neighborhoods to consider when looking to invest in Winston-Salem real estate.

1. Bermuda Run

Bermuda Run is located in Davie County. The town is close to the Tanglewood Park, Bermuda Run County Club, and Oak Valley Golf Club.

Here are some important stats about the neighborhood:

  • Bermuda Run is home to 2,468 residents.
  • The median household income is $80,310.
  • The median age for people living in Bermuda Run is 57 years.
  • The cost of living is 8% higher than the national average.

2. Lewisville

Incorporated as a town in 1991, Lewisville is part of the Piedmont Triad community. The neighborhood is home to plenty of parks, great schools, and many annual events.

Important stats about the neighborhood include:

  • Lewisville is home to about 14,228 people.
  • The median household income is $79,146.
  • The cost of living in Lewisville is 4% lower than the national average.

neighborhood lewisville

3. Old Salem

Old Salem is a historic district of Winston-Salem, and was originally inhabited by the Moravian community. Core attractions of the district include Salem Tavern, St. Philip's Moravian Church, and the Inspectors House.

Neighborhood stats include:

  • Old Salem is home to about 2,218 people.
  • The average household income for a family in Old Salem is $32,050.

4. South Marshall

This is arguably one of the top neighborhoods in the Winston-Salem area. It's particularly known for its many and diverse retail and dining options. The Di Lisio's and Willow's Bistro are some of the top dining options.

Neighborhood highlights include:

  • South Marshall is home to 1,393 people.
  • The average household income is $38,864.
  • The median age is 42 years.

5. Reynoldstown

Reynoldstown is a national historic district. The neighborhood features 183 contributing buildings that were mostly built between 1919 and 1949. These historic buildings are appreciated by residents for their unique architecture.

This neighborhood is home to 548 people.


Other Great Neighborhoods in Winston-Salem

Here are some other neighborhoods in Winston-Salem you should consider investing in:

  • Olde Vineyard: This neighborhood has many shopping centers, grocery stores and parks. It also has great schools, like Moore Magnet Elementary school, making it ideal for young families with kids.
  • Arcadia: A great suburban in Winston-Salem, Arcadia is close to Washington Park, where residents can find various restaurants, pubs, and food trucks. There are also many local universities here, so if you're looking to rent to college students, it may be the place for you to invest.
  • West Salem: West Salem is the second oldest neighborhood in Winston-Salem. It's located close to downtown Winston-Salem, meaning that locals can get to shops and restaurants quickly. There's also a community garden here where you can grow your own produce.
  • Downtown Winston-Salem: Young professionals will love living in downtown Winston-Salem. Downtown has many apartments and condos available. And, of course, it's nearby restaurants, bars, work offices and more.
  • South Fork: Residents can enjoy the Forsyth Country Club, South Fork Park and Community Center, Hathaway Park, the Greek Orthodox Church and more.
  • Ardmore: This welcoming neighborhood is safe and close to many attractions. It's also near good schools such as Brunson Elementary School, Flat Rock Middle School, and Reynolds High School.
  • West Highlands: This neighborhood is more expensive and retirees mostly live here. It’s beautiful and peaceful with many mansion-style homes.
  • Stanleyville: This rural area is perfect for those who want a peaceful neighborhood and who don't want many neighbors. Its nickname is ‘pencil capital of the world.'

Bottom Line

There you have it – 8 reasons to consider investing in Winston-Salem and our top 5 neighborhoods to invest in!

As an overview, we recommend investing in the following areas:

  • Bermuda Run
  • Lewisville
  • Old Salem
  • South Marshall
  • Reynoldstown

For more information, please contact TE Johnson & Sons.

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